Method & Methodology

2016-CoF-diagram-400Why is Methodology Important to You?
Because more than technique (moves), your method (activities) determines your fighting skill. In the same way you might adopt a technique from another system, you might adopt a new type of activity that improves your overall fighting skill.

Most systems utilize common activities/drills to develop skill, but virtually none use all nine types, and so they have less skill for their effort. Tom’s coaching program presents all nine categories of activity and how to use them most effectively.

The Three Types and Nine Activities
Tom presents the three main activities and how each one has three variations within it creating the nine types of activity necessary for maximum functionality.

Demonstrations of the Nine Activities
Tom demonstrates each one of the nine activities with a detailed breakdown so you know exactly how to use them.

AMOK!’s Cycle of Functionality
AMOK!’s unique CoF presents how utilizing the nine activities in a specific order yields greater functionality. First it identifies a weakness, then it permits discovering a solution (better than inventing), then it shows you how to reinforce and further develop the solution, and finally how to ensure the weakness was repaired.

Learning Curves
Tom gives a presentation that graphs how different methods of format effect the rate of skill development. He shows how methods differ by comparing the learning curves of Traditional, Reality-Based, and Mixed Martial Arts methods. He finishes by showing how he developed AMOK!’s ultra-functional method using the Cycle of Functionality and Spiral Formatting.

Regardless of what technique(s) you want to develop, it is one’s method that determines how fast and how well that happens.