Focus Courses

Focus Courses expand upon the information in the Core Skills courses and they introduce new content adding layers over the core.
DISARMING FORWARD HOLD explores the various ways that you may grab and the best ways to leverage it from their grasp using their body, the environment, and off yourself as a last resort.
19 lessons, 37 minutes, only $15.

DISARMING REVERSE HOLD details how to leverage the blade from your attacker’s grasp and then keeping it your left or right hand, stripping it out of his hand, or returning it to his body.
14 lessons, 40 minutes, only $15.

COORDINATION, RHYTHM, AND TIMING utilizes two sticks to explore both 2-Beat and 3-beat rhythms through a progression of movement, rhythm, timing, coordination, freedom, and inserting. 24 lessons, 35 minutes, only $15.

TIMING EXCHANGES explores how to use rhythm to develop precise timing skills to which we add the elements of counter-striking and footwork.
16 lessons, 22 minutes, only $15.

FAKING through geometrical changes and timing changes where each lesson is explained solo and then its application is demonstrated.
21 lessons, 30 minutes, only $15.

QUARTERING presents an important two-fold skill so your adversary cannot control your position by how they strike, while it permits you to control them. 11 Lessons, 16 minutes, only $10.

FOOTWORK & MOVEMENT explores the footwork of Stationary, Pivoting, Linear, Angulating, Circular, Lateral, and Vertical movement by using Shuffling, Stepping, Diagonal, Circling, Spring-step, Cross-step, Shifting, and Zoning. 21 Lessons, 57 minutes only $15
COUNTER-STRIKING builds on the core passing and stopping actions by adding alternative strikes, doubling upon the base actions, countering free hand attacks, and following up with thrusts to achieve dexterity and effective response in chaos. 10 Lessons, 30 minutes only $15
More courses coming soon.