AMOK! Core Skills

AMOK! is a fight-based system that presents the most functional core fighting skills on the planet by utilizing a unique approach quite different from other knife systems. Right from the very first minute you are sparring, and learning proceeds in a logical progression while sparring. Of course we then break down practices and training to support fighting, but “real-time” activities are “standard operating environment”.

While sparring we identify every one of the 7 types of attacking tactics, then we identify every one of the 7 types of countering tactics. This ensures you have a full arsenal of options available to attack or counter, which makes you a more complete and unpredictable fighter.

After becoming familiar with the tactics of fighting, we proceed to practice techniques for achieving each one. These techniques increase your ability to successfully apply the tactics, which makes you a more effective fighter.

Once you are able to apply techniques for each of the tactics, we proceed to train our body with the proper mechanics for each tactic too. These movements will increase your ability to perform the techniques, which makes you a more efficient fighter.

AMOK! ensures your activities are mutually supportive (in parallel) which means that the moves you are using when fighting are exactly the same moves you are using in practice, and again the same moves when you are training. And while this seems logical you’d be surprised that few systems (if any) actually follow this common sense. Here’s one example of how we develop each of the 7 attacking and 7 countering tactics, and the other 13 types of tactics are presented exactly the same way.

Fighting Combinations

Practicing Combinations

Training Combinations

This is how the rest of our program is laid out: fighting tactic – supported by practice techniques – supported by training mechanics and all moves in parallel. Most others systems teach striking first, drills second, then sparring; and not only do they do it backwards, but their 3 activities are most often not in direct parallel, so of course their functionality suffers. Do not be fooled by cooperative flow-drills and pre-arranged techniques that look cool but don’t work in real-time chaos. AMOK! discarded those kind of activities many years ago.

Having the three main activities in parallel is a fantastic first step that will develop loads of functional skill but it doesn’t end there because those 3 activities teach you the moves and how they work but there are 6 more activities that will take your moves to their highest level of skill using AMOK!’s unique Cycle of Functionality.

Your Values
If it doesn’t matter to you how much actual fighting skill you develop, and train mainly because you enjoy it, then functionality doesn’t really matter and you can flow-drill to your heart’s content; but if you desire functional knifework for when your life on the line, AMOK! continues proving itself every day, to people from all walks of life, in many varied professions.

For Everyone
Whoever we train, from civilians to special ops, AMOK! develops fighting skill amazingly fast and is why we are the world’s leading knife fighting method.