Pre-Fight Training courses emphasize how to escape criminal attacks, as opposed to “fighting it out” with an attacker. Each course has a brief verbal introduction and proceeds directly to role-playing scenarios that allow people to maintain control in gradual manageable stages so they feel comfortable to participate in a non-threatening atmosphere. More on Pre-Fight Training here.

Fight Training – AMOK! delivers a single set of blade-based actions to fight with, and against, every hand-held weapon or with empty hands where the ideal of “one mind, all weapons” becomes real. Consequently, knife is the ideal and logical starting point for all combative training because if you learn knife tactics first, every other weapon becomes a simple matter of handling skills; what you won’t have to do is learn different tactics to fight with or against different weapons. More on Fight Training here.

Post-Fight Courses are essential to achieving best possible outcomes because it does little good to prevail over an attacker only to be subsequently defeated by a bystander, or because you or someone you cared about didn’t get first-aid in time, or if you end up in prison for saying the wrong thing. More on Post-Fight Training here.

Scenario Training is one of the most popular and exciting activities because it challenges an individual’s response-ability along a wide spectrum of possible threats including unarmed or armed attacks by one or more assailants, in or around your home, work, or vehicle and other private or public settings. Real-life attacks don’t happen in a vacuum, nor do they occur only in part, they happen to real people in real circumstances who experience the entire event – which means the moments that lead up to the encounter, the fight, and the ensuing aftermath. Our training values dictate our actions be tactically sound and court defensible if we are to achieve the best possible outcome in the given circumstances. More on Scenario Training here.