Trainer Program

How does the program work?
Tom becomes your personal coach to guide you through every step of the way. You will receive the Trainer’s Checklist and we will meet regularly on Skype to answer whatever training questions you may have (developing physical skill is the first priority) and to provide you with the business tools you’ll need to be successful.

What is required?
Our program is 100% transparent
; meaning that Trainers are required to functionalize the Core Skills and be able to explain our Method as presented in the online videos. Of course, it’ll speed your progress whenever you can get hands-on training too. There are no unexpected curriculum requirements or unexpected fees of any kind.

How does licensing work?
You must get hands-on with an AMOK! Instructor to evaluate your functionality and understanding of the method – and there is no fee for this, it is part of the program. The final step is just to sign the licensing agreement (this protects us all) and you’re good to go!

How do the finances work?
It costs only $50/month to register in the Trainer Program. That’s it. When you are licensed and teaching, just the same $50/month. You pay zero % of your income; every dollar you make is yours.

How do Trainers operate?
Trainers may teach privately and in their own training group, while Instructors may also teach public workshops. We license Trainers and Instructors to use our program, but they operate independently and set their own rates.

How long does it take?
There are no shortcuts to functionality but there is a fastest path to it.
While it typically takes several years to become an AMOK! Instructor it takes only a fraction of that time to become a Trainer (functional with core skills), especially when factoring in previous experience. AMOK! is world renowned for developing functional skill incredibly fast, and combined with Tom’s personal coaching to keep you on track – that is how we provide the fast-track to success.

Just email Tom and he will get you started right away.