Thailand Camp

Thailand Camp


Tom Sotis invites you to experience an extraordinary training adventure in exotic Thailand. Join us for a week of combatives in one of the most remarkable places on the planet. We are excited to bring you an action-packed camp with a wide variety of activities including Dueling, Sparring, Tactics, Practice, Counter-Striking, Group Activity Day, EH vs Knife, Disarming w/ EH or Knife, Empty Hands fighting, and so much more.


Dueling is how we gain fighting experience. AMOK! uses a variety of dueling activities in order to adapt to variable tactics and outcomes. Various types of dueling include: No touch anywhere, Check-hand pass, Blade-hand switch, Knee-drop, 2-anywhere-hits, 2-body-hits, 3-anywhere-hits, Dueling-4-Dollars, and more.


You will learn a variety of sparring activities in order to experiment with various elements of fighting in order to become accustomed to their operation in fighting. We have very specific activities for Mindset, Vision, Attention, Intention, Breathing, Changing Tactics, Changing Lead, Transitioning, Changing Hold, and Changing Height.


Tactics give context to whatever activity in which we are engaged. You will learn: Jabbing, Single strikes, Combinations, Fake-n-hit, Grab-n-stab, Attacking Disarms, Back-ups, Passes, Stops, Grabs, Countering-Disarms, Linear Movement, Lateral Movement, Diagonal Movement, Circular Movement – and we do it all in real time.


AMOK! follows 3 principles to integrate skills: Context, Authenticity, and Deliberateness. It is this process of environmental and tactical control that “develops skill, in a state of adaptation, under stress” and is unlike practice activities in other methods. It is this process that distinguishes AMOK! from other methods.


Counter-striking is the nucleus of combat and forms the foundation for using every other hand-held weapon. You will learn to create passes and stops on your attacker’s arms, body, head, and leg. We will also detail how each of those options can be exected with a single strike, a combination, a fake-hit compounded into the counter-action.


On group fun day, typically we rent a speedboat and zip out to one of the islands for swimming, drinking, eating, and way too much laughter. The sun is always blazing, the beach is clean, the water is clear, the food is tasty, the drinks keep coming, and sharing good times with friends makes for a stellar day. The speedboat is a blast!


You will learn to bring committed chaotic attacks under control to either access a weapon or to finish defeating your attacker empty-handed. We will cover how to manage fully committed attacks using the spread-X, Alt-X, and Strike-X actions, and how to manage fluid combinations with parries, blocks, and counter-striking, jabs, and more.


You will learn how to disarm attackers in either forward or reverse hold by first diminishing their striking ability before you make a grab (and continue striking) and then make a release always managing his other hand’s attempts to counter. After exploring disarms from the EH perspective we’ll cover disarming using knives.

Empty Hands explores the Pre-fight management of postures and framing that evolves into Fight management using Entries, Striking, Head Control, and close-quarters tools of Elbows/Knees/Headbutts, Traps, and more. This camp will explore anti-shooting to learn how to counter attempts to shoot in and take you down.

Typically each day of training has some open time where you can work on anything you want or ask about anything you want. The last day, everyone typically has questions about material we covered or about something that we haven’t covered so the last day is to ensure that you get everything that you came for.


Open to everyone, this extra day is devoted to reviewing the AMOK! method and how to set up the activities. This session is designed for everyone who wants to know how to set up their own activities at home. This day will have tons of tips on how to practice, run a class, attract practice partners, and much more.


Tom will conduct limited Motivation Analysis consultations. Fighters each have 15 basic motives that exist simultaneously. Knowing exactly how your 15 motives are arranged gives you a substantial edge in developing your fighting potential. Tom will schedule limited consultations at a reduced rate. More info at


Afternoon Adventures
After training everyone is ready for a relaxing swim in the pool with lunch at the swim-up bar while others head out for an adventure. Everyone who wants to join up for dinner meets in the lobby about 7:30 pm and we head out together. Pattaya has excellent restaurants with food from many cultures around the world so you can always get what you want.  And with so many people at the camp, no matter what you want to do, others will want to go with you. Here’s a quite incomplete list.

                    The Sanctuary of Truth

                        Flight of the Gibbon

                          Big Buddha

                     Pattaya Floating Market

                          Nong Nooch Garden

                      Cho Nateetong Thai Boxing Camp

Underwater World, Bungy Jump, Thai Sky Adventures, Tiffany’s Shooting Range, Go-Karting, Paintball Park, Pattaya Lake Land Cable Ski, Golf, Spas and Health, Yellow Submarine, Khao Kheow Open Zoo, Shooting and Adventure Park, Ripley’s Believe it or not Museum, Dolphin World, Million Years Stone Park, Crocodile Farm, Three Kingdoms Theme Park, Amazon Fishing Park, Pattaya Beach, Jomtien Beach, Naklua Beach, and the list goes on and on.


About Payment for Training and Accommodations

              Register Early and Save Money
Training fee is $700 USD if paid before April 15 and $800 USD after April 15. The Optional Extra Day is $100 USD. Paying cash-at-the-Door is 5000 baht for each day of training.

                        Your Dollars are Safe
Up to 60 days before the camp we give a 100% refund. Inside 60 days before camp we offer a 100% credit good for 5 years that can be used for any company-hosted event. Your training dollars are always safe with us.

                       BOOKING YOUR TRIP

You are welcome to book your own accommodations but we strongly suggest you book through Wilawan Bruch at, especially if you have never been to Thailand before.


Until April 15, $700 for 7 days
After April 15th, $800 for 7 days
You do not need a PayPal account to pay.

Until April 15, $800 for 8 days
After April 15th, $900 for 8 days
You do not need a PayPal account to pay.


$125 for Motivation Analysis
Save $70 and get a face-to-face consultation
You do not need a PayPal account to pay.


Testimonial by Fred Ward posted on August 21, 2015

For the past ten years, I have heard rumors and whispers about a secret group of fanatical knife fighters called AMOK! whose training is so intense that numerous practitioners have been stabbed, maimed, and even in one instance killed during classes and demos. I was told to stay clear. I was told I couldn’t handle the training. I was told this was a closed-door system and I wouldn’t be welcome. As always in my life, I gravitate towards everything that people tell me I cannot do or that I shouldn’t do, and that’s what led me down a path that took me 8,000 miles to Pattaya, Thailand and changed how I view martial arts and combat science forever.

As I arrived to class on day 1, I was pleasantly surprised to realize that all of those rumors and whispers were nothing more than urban legends. The first myth that was dispelled was that of the fanatical leader at the helm of AMOK! Tom Sotis proved to be not only one of the most talented and knowledgeable martial artists that I have ever crossed hands with, he is also one of the nicest and generous human beings I have had the pleasure of knowing in my 40 years (and one day) on this planet.

I hope Tom doesn’t mind me defining AMOK!, but as I do so I found it to have three strong foundational pillars. The first is that it is an effective and lethal stand-alone art onto its self. AMOK! will save your life and protect your loved ones. Secondly, AMOK! Is a dynamic combat methodology that can be applied to enhance and improve any martial background no matter the system or the experience level of the practitioner. Lastly, and most importantly, AMOK! is a brotherhood. Tom has done an amazing job of setting the bar high in regards to the standards he holds his students to. Not only are his students skilled and dangerous martial practitioners, they are also men and women of quality and character. These are the people you want watching your back on a dark night in unfamiliar waters.

Thank you Tom Sotis, and thank you to my new AMOK! brothers that took me in sight unseen and treated me like family from the first meeting.
Fred Ward

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With whatever questions you have, Tom will be glad to help you