AMOK! Sundays with Tom Sotis
Learn the ways and means of using 
force to repel violence with tactically-sound and court-defensible training to achieve best possible outcomes when protecting yourself and loved ones from criminal attacks.

Force options include using a knife, stick, improvised instruments, and empty hands tactics to prevail against violent weapons attacks, when outnumbered, when outsized, or when at other disadvantages.

AMOK! is not a martial art so there are no ranks, titles, or uniforms.

Tom’s Class meets 2 Sunday’s each month from 10AM-12:00 in Holbrook, MA. and if you have a question you can call Tom anytime, or if you miss a class you go to his house for a private lesson for no extra fee. No previous experience is required; anyone age 16+ can join (minors need permission). The cost is $100/month, no membership fee, no contracts and you can cancel at any time.

Schedule for 2017

JAN 15 & 29, FEB 12 & 26, MAR 12 & 26, APR 09 & 23, MAY 07 & 21, JUN 04 & 25

JUL 09 & 23, AUG 06 & 20, SEP 10 & 24, OCT 08 & 22, NOV 05 & 19, DEC 03 & 17

We invite you to visit and watch a class and it is a good idea to email Tom
in advance to be sure we are training at the FAF location on that day.
FAF Gym, 275 Centre Street (not Center Street), Unit 19, Holbrook, MA 02343 (near Mary Lou’s Coffee).

For additional hands-on group training between Sunday classes:
Middletown, RI with Instructor Jesse Harding
Lakeville, MA with Trainer Shaun Shubert
So. Nashua, NH with Trainer Eric Menard