Host a Seminar


“Partners-in-Profit” – We evenly divide the profit 50%-50% and we can both decide in advance the minimum we are willing to accept for it to be worth our while.

No Work for You – We take all of the hassle out of hosting an event by providing flyers/ads, sign-up sheets, a Facebook event page, instruction, color certificates, and training tools.

In Your Control – You have complete control over your event and decide the date and time, which course is presented, who is invited, how much to charge, and collect the money.

Student- Focused – We present the right amount of the right information in a non-threatening manner that is conducive to learning and retention so students have a positive experience.

Professional – Our presentation never conflicts with your method and our courses compliment yours by specializing in escaping attacks, knife defense, and knife fighting.

NOTE: This is how Tom Sotis conducts Drive-To workshops in New England. We license our programs to Independent Trainers who determine their own rates and policies.


Under the Host’s Control
The host has complete control over the event and decides which course(s) he wants the instructor to present, who is invited, how much they pay, who is on the guest list, the host collects the money, and owns the entire profit or loss.

Advertising Provided
You will be happy to know we handle one of the most difficult tasks of all – advertising design and copy. We are very particular about marketing so we are always happy to provide whatever customized advertising designs you need.

The Seminar
The instructor will verbally explain and physically demonstrate the key points of the activities. Typically, instructors work hands-on with trainees while making personal corrections and we provide color certificates for participation.

The host pays the Instructor’s airfare (upon booking), the hotel (upon check-in), and the Instructor’s fee (in advance via PayPal). Instructors set their own rates that vary according the total days of travel, total days of work, and the number of hours/day.

For more information please contact Tom Sotis at