Taught by Tom Sotis and Sean Stoopman
January 20-21, 2018 in Chantilly, Virginia

SATURDAY – Managing Chaotic Knife Attacks
MCA presents solutions to gain control for four different dynamic types of attacks: hold-ups, grab-n-stab attacks, and chaotic striking attacks. 
• You will learn how to salvage being ambushed in case you were distracted and were unaware of the attack until after you’ve been stabbed
• You will learn solutions to salvage various Hold-up predicaments from the front, sides, or behind.
• You will learn a progression of solutions to various Grab-n-Stab attacks and common prison-type shank attacks, for when an attacker attempts to immobilize you with their free hand by grabbing your throat, elbows, or wrists.
• You will learn solutions to single and combination attacks, jabbing strikes meant to open you up, and how to counter transitions from jabs to committed attacks.
Once the chaos has been brought under your management, you may choose to escape, the moment may dictate an empty hands solution, or you might choose to access a weapon. While each of these options is explored, the main emphasis of this course is learning to contain the chaos.

SUN – Disarming Forward and Reverse Hold
This seminar presents a practical means to disarm a knife held in forward or reverse hold. Under a knife attack, generally one must first manage the chaos and “tenderize” your adversary before an opportunity to disarm will occur (thus the MCA course). Once that opportunity appears, or is manufactured, we provide you with an achievable and reliable means of dislodging that knife from their grasp. You will learn why most people fail to achieve disarms, when and how to effectively achieve them, and how to defeat your adversary’s attempts to counter.
Specifically, we will explore the progression of releases dictated by whether you grab the opponent’s wrist, hand, their index/thumb, or by the thumb. Releases will be executed by leveraging it from their grasp off their own body parts, with/off an object, and as a last resort, off our own body. This seminar will cover how to manage when their other hand attempt to defend, counter, or prevent the disarm and subsequent follow-up.

Venue: Silverback Academy, 14740 Flint Lee Rd, Chantilly, VA 20151
Time: 10am – 2pm each day; please arrive by 9:45am.
Host: Sean Stoopman (703) 651-5918 or
Fee:  $100/day prepaid or $120 at the door

$100 for One day



$200 for TWO days

Important notes
MAT shoes only – no outside footwear permitted on the mats.
We provide Nok Safety Trainers for all participants to use.
We provide a color certificate for all participants to keep.
We suggest participants wear a mouth guard.
We suggest you subscribe to www.Amok.Global (only $20/year) because much of what we will cover (and a LOT more) is available on video to help you better prepare and for reference after the training.

General Terms and Conditions for Payments