About Us

Combatives Training is a division of The Sotis Group, LLC, and is our company’s main site for public interaction. Recognized globally as the world’s most in-demand edged weapons instructor, Tom Sotis has taught edged and other weapons to thousands of people in over twenty countries, including some of the world’s hot spots.

Such is the demand for Tom’s expertise, Tom is bringing his decades of experience to the world for the first time with nearly 70 streamed videos. This means that you can train where you like, when you like, and have Tom with you guiding you each step of the way. We offer you:

** Specialist training available on video streaming
** Training available 24/7 on mobile devices
** A strong community through our Forum and training workshops
** Expansion through strongly incentivized affiliate commissions that can provide career paths for many instructors and trainers positioned around the world.

We are excited to bring to you Tom’s 30 years of experience in teaching personal safety and combatives methodologies to many thousands of people just like you and we are proud of the center of excellence we have created that will incorporate some world leaders in their field – all for your benefit.

While Combatives Training was founded to serve its subscribers with the aim of developing a strong and interactive community through instruction, training, information, communication, and support, this is not just anther website. We bring to you world class, on-line training in a supportive and collaborative environment that may help to empower you in your personal journey.

Combatives Training is not just about personal safety and being “response-able”. It provides you an opportunity to make decisions in your life that can lead you to achieve fulfillment. Yes, being able to protect yourself is an important component of this. And so too is having the opportunity to develop the mechanism to connect with the opportunities that present to you to shape your life to live your dreams.

With this in mind, the corporate values of The Sotis Group – expressed through the close team who bring this website to you – can be simply stated: “Do the things you love, with the people you love, in the places you love, achieving the outcomes you love”. This is how we live our dreams and we want this for you too.

This is why we are setting new standards in the combatives industry – we want you to develop the mechanism through our website, to have the freedom to make the choices that will shape how you wish to live your life. Our Partners in Profit Affiliate program is second to none. We provide you real opportunity to earn additional income that may provide you with more certainty than you have ever experienced. We feel very good about that. And we will support you every step of the way to make this happen for you.

Our forum is set up just for you. You will enjoy the range of groups who are all moderated by experts in their respective fields. We value your opinion and want to make sure you feel comfortable to ask the questions that are important to you, or make a contribution that can enrich our lives.

Enjoy this site and be smart – do the training. Just step it through one by one and you will be amazed at the newfound confidence and capability you develop. If you already have skill, great! This will help to validate your own capabilities and give you a strong context behind why some things work and others don’t.

If you have not trained in martial arts, self defense or combatives training before, this is exciting news! Take each lesson one by one and just practice. Be true to yourself and develop the skills that may one day save your life, or the lives of your loved ones.

Enjoy your journey and thank you for subscribing to our site. See you in the forum.

The Combatives Training Team